+ Bonus Bike Fit, Troubleshooting Knee Pain, Body Check & Comfort Tips

If you suffer from knee pain or want to keep your knees healthy, try these 30 minute videos designed for those new to cycling. This gentle start will give you all of the tips and technique to get you cycling and feeling like a pro in no time. The progressive series builds on your efforts to make you stronger, build stamina, and lubricate your knees through no-impact, good for you cycling. These videos match the workouts provided in the Healthy Knees Cycling Book.

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Healthy Knees Cycling #1:
Form Foundations

Focus: Body Position, Pedal Speed, Pedal Tension
Purpose: To build understanding and body mechanics to support healthy knees.
Time: 30 minutes + Stretching

Healthy Knees Cycling #2:
Pedal Fundamentals

Focus: Pedal Stroke, Pedal Speed, Pedal Tension
Purpose: To continue to build body awareness and develop body mechanics to support healthy knees.
Time: 30 minutes + Stretching

Healthy Knees Cycling #3:
Hills, Valleys, & Surges

Focus: Refining Pedal Speed and Building Power
Purpose: To continue to develop muscular control and begin to build strength and power.
Time: 32 minutes

Healthy Knees Cycling #4:
Cycle Strength & Endurance 101

Focus: Intervals that build strength
Purpose: Stronger muscles and more stamina! Using our good cycling technique to hold longer intervals to begin to build strength and endurance
Time: 35 minutes

Healthy Knees Cycling #5:
Power Builder 1:1

Focus: Intervals with ratio of 1 work to 1 rest
Purpose: Developing muscular strength, stamina, and power
Time: 37 minutes

Healthy Knees Cycling #6:

Focus: Drills for Hills
Purpose: Developing strength and force
Time: 36 minutes

BONUS: 2 Videos!

THE MOST important part of riding your bike is setting it up properly for you.
Learn how plus the body position tips for a comfortable ride.

Bike Fit & Trouble Shooting Knee Pain
Body Check & Comfort Tips


Easy to use! Each video has...


Each 30 or 60 minute Cycle Moles video is rated for its intensity by the Mole Rate; the closer to 3 the higher the intensity of the workout. The Mole Rate is calculated based on the number of minutes in each exertion zone.


Each Cycle Moles video has a dashboard panel on the bottom left that tells you exactly how hard to work. On the dashboard you’ll find the cumulative time of the workout, the tension for your bike, how fast to pedal (RPM), the interval focus, and Rate of Perceived Exertion (RPE) zone.


The graphic display at the bottom of the screen indicates shows you the profile of your ride, the level of intensity indicated by the colored zones, and a timer for each interval.



Do you already ride (or want to get into it) and want to get stronger and more confident? Do you want to learn techniques to get more power out of every pedal stroke? The Power to Pedal series is designed for the recreational cyclist to help you build stamina and strength while practicing the techniques for good form and pedal power. Each video includes about one-hour on the bike plus stretching. DVDs come with option for music on/off.

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Power to Pedal #1:
The Bones (Cycling Foundations)

Focus: Body Form & Pedal Technique
Purpose: To build power & muscle control using refined technique
Mole Rate: 1.94
Time: 30 minutes + Stretching

Power to Pedal #2:
Smooth Moves & Climbs

Focus: Saddle Transitions & Climbing Strength
Purpose: To improve muscle control and build hill climbing strength and power.
Mole Rate: 2.05
Time: 69 Minutes (including stretching)

Power to Pedal #3:
Double Helix

Focus: Fine motor development through cadence control
Purpose: Improve muscle control to build strength at every RPM
Mole Rate: 2.20
Time: 66 Minutes (including stretching)

Power to Pedal #4:
Get Rolling

Focus: Repeated effort on a hilly circuit course
Purpose: Building force, strength, and stamina
Mole Rate: 2.28
Time: 66 Minutes (including stretching)

Power to Pedal #5:
Breathing 101

Focus: Breathing Techniques and Power
Purpose: Incorporate advanced breathing techniques into how you ride
Mole Rate: 2.20
Time: 64 Minutes (including stretching)

Power to Pedal #6:
MetaMax 2-3-4

Focus: Metabolic Training
Purpose: Training your body to become more efficient at burning fat for fuel at higher heart rate levels
Mole Rate: 2.59
Time: 71 Minutes (including stretching)

BONUS: Bike Fit & Comfort Tips

Adjusting your bike properly is THE most important first step to enjoying cycling. Learn how to adjust your bike for the best fit and comfort tips for an enjoyable ride!


Short on time but still want the ride? Try our three 30-minute videos for a time-saving workout with the intensity that makes it worth your ride! These videos include the dashboard and workout profile and the DVDs come with the music on/off feature.

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Cycle Moles 30:
Hill & Valley Ladders

Focus: RPM control and tension intervals
Purpose: To build fine motor control and power
Mole Rate: 2.00
Time: 30 min

Cycle Moles 30:
Climbing Endurance

Focus: Climbing and surges
Purpose: Climbing and surge efforts to build power and stamina
Mole Rate: 2.65
Time: 30 min

Cycle Moles 30:
Power 33

Focus: Building Power at various RPM
Purpose: To build strength and stamina
Mole Rate: 2.75
Time: 33 Minutes (including stretching)


Yes, you can improve your core strength in just 5 minutes per day. This video series has six progressions for each exercise. As you get stronger, advance to the more challenging moves.

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5 Minute Core (Stages 1-6)

Focus: Building Core Strength
Purpose: 6 progressive sessions to build your core strength in about 5 minutes per session!
Mole Rate: Gets harder each session


Not yet ready for 30 or 60 minutes on a bike? Want a fun way to add cardio to cross-training? Three different 10 minute sessions on a bike are guaranteed to get your heart rate up!

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10 Minute Mole-Blast (3 Videos!)

Mole Rate: Hard Efforts!
Focus: 3 X 10 min of high-end cardio
Purpose: These 10 minute segments are great cardio additions to your strength training workouts or as a primer for longer cycling sessions.
Includes: #1 Hill Crunches I #2 Metabolic Blaster | #3 Surge Intervals